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  The SchoolsOn® Benefit

SchoolsOn aims to become Australia 's premier online directory for further education.

From the SchoolsOn Home Page, located at , users can access an extensive range of Australian-based web sites covering all aspects of further and extended education. Websites include the,,,, as well as the recently launched and These sites, and the many to follow, aim to provide compelling content to specific internet communities, as well as give advertisers access to high volumes of highly relevant and targeted traffic.

It is our ability to deliver against a highly targeted and "ready to buy" audience that delivers the SchoolsOn Benefit. As our advertisers know, they key time to impart your message is when customers are about to commit when SchoolsOn !

With a strong customer focussed and professional service, SchoolsOn Pty Ltd is committed to delivering online campaigns that achieve results against highly targeted audiences. Working with the SchoolsOn Team, we can tailor, integrate and target a package that maximises the full potential of our network of SchoolsOn websites for your product or service.

Latest Statistics
Average traffic for last 3 months:

Unique Visitors Per Month : : 1,550
Page Views Per Month : : 24,300

  Why Advertise Online

The Internet is the fastest growing medium in the world. With more and more Australians using the Internet on a daily basis, it makes sense to communicate through a medium that has proven to be dynamic, flexible, and most importantly, cost effective.

"12.8 Million Australians have access to the internet" The Sun-Herald 17/8/03

The internet, and in particular "niche" networks like SchoolsOn, allow advertisers to focus their resources on a highly targeted audience that in turn generate a high return on investment. The internet now plays an integral role in any integrated campaign, whether the communication strategy is to increase product awareness, brand awareness or simply drive product sales.

Our Audience serves a specific audience that seek further education and buy merchandise to assist with the pursuit of academic excellence. Our focused audience and cost-effective advertising packages make a great place to promote any education related business. Retail stores selling educational books and related goods or services, further education facilitators, and content web sites with a educational focus are examples of businesses that benefit from advertising at is a great resource for marketing to students and tutors. Although the majority of visitors to the website are students, or parents of students; many tutors and other educational professionals also visit our site.

How to Advertise

SchoolsOn offer a number of website advertising options depending on your budget, impact factor, and advertisement size.

Our standard web advertisement options include:

Banner Ads
468 x 60 pixels - See Example

Need help designing or modifying your online ad?

SchoolsOn Pty Ltd has a complete online advertisement design and production service. The technical team at SchoolsOn can help you simply modify an existing graphic, or develop a state of the art multi media advertisement; or alternatively the marketing team can help you develop a single minded and results driven advertising message. Contact for more information.

How to Book your Advertising?

Please contact the SchoolsOn sales team by emailing us at or calling toll free 1800 009 337


Advertisers with SchoolsOn have access to sophisticated measurement tools that report and track the performance of their campaigns from day one.

SchoolsOn tracks impressions and clicks for all ad campaigns run across the SchoolsOn network. An impression is recorded every time the ad is called to a SchoolsOn web page and a click is counted every time a customer clicks on the ad. This information is updated constantly throughout the day to give advertisers real-time performance information.

An example of a campaign report can be seen below:

SchoolsOn Rate Card

Rates are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Rate Effective for all Orders placed before 01/07/2006.

SchoolsOn runs Pay per Click Campaigns

On all campaigns SchoolsOn guarantee a minimum number of clicks for your campaign spend. Your advertisement will continue running until the agreed level of clicks is reached.

Campaign investments

> $200 has a guaranteed rate of 0.25c per click.
< $200 are charged at .50c per click.

SchoolsOn will create an advertisment for you for a flat fee of $60 ( incl GST ).

Prices quoted below are MINIMUM Campaign Spends

Schools HomePage
SchoolsOn Homepage -
Advertising ROS (4 spots available)Button$150
Advertising ROS ( 1 spot available )Banner$250

SchoolsOn Network
Music Schools -
Home page & ROSBanner$200
Home Page & ROSButton$100

School Tuition -
Run of SiteBanner$200
Run of SiteButton$100
Section sponsorship (eg. Maths / English ) Sponsorship$100

Horse Riding Schools -
Run of SiteBanner$200
Run of SiteButton$100
Section sponsorship - StateSponsorship$100
Section Sponsorship - Specialty SponsorshipSponsorship$100

Driving Schools -
Run of SiteBanner$200
Run of SiteButton$100
Section sponsorship - StateSponsorship$50
Section Sponsorship - Licence SponsorshipSponsorship$50

Cooking Schools -
Run of SiteBanner$200
Run of SiteButton$100
Section Sponsorship - StateSponsorship$50
Section Sponsorship - Licence SponsorshipSponsorship$50

Dance Schools -
Run of SiteBanner$200
Run of SiteButton$100
Section Sponsorship - StateSponsorship$50
Section Sponsorship - Licence SponsorshipSponsorship$50

Please contact the SchoolsOn sales team by emailing us at or calling toll free 1800 009 337

Booking T&C's

Advertising Terms and Conditions will be supplied with the SchoolsOn Advertising Application, which in turn provides details of your campaign.

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